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Any personal information you submit to Shop Direct will not be shared, sold, or disclosed to third parties except when required by law. However, some of the companies whom you'll find listed on our site may have different policies to our own and, therefore, if you're concerned, you should check the privacy policy of a site before providing any personal information.

You'll usually find that most commercial retail sites have a privacy policy that is very easy to find, often within the "Help" section, or on a separate page. If you're not happy with what you find then you should shop elsewhere; most reputable merchants that care about their customers will not sell or share your personal information, but it's always worth checking.

Cookies are very small, simple text files that are stored on your computer and, contrary to the belief held by some, cookies are perfectly harmless. In fact cookies are essentially your friend, helping websites to customize their site for you (displaying local weather for example, or showing different news for different geographical locations). Although any website can create its own cookie, only the website that created the cookie (and you) can read it. For example, MSN.com cannot read a cookie on your system created by Best-Buy, it can only read MSN.com cookies.

There are websites and advertisers that use cookies to track the display of their advertisements. This is often mis-interpreted to mean that they are tracking you; they are not. At worst, a few companies may try to figure out the sites where your browser has taken you, so they can better target their advertisements, but they do not know any personal information (ie. your name or e-mail address etc, etc) about you. Generally speaking, you're simply a number to them.

Contact Us
We're always pleased to hear your comments, and you can contact us using the form provided at the following link: Comments or Questions.

My Order Hasn't Arrived!
We empathise with you if, for whatever reason, an order you've placed with a store has not arrived, but the best assistance we can provide is to say that you should check with the site you actually placed the order at. Shop Direct is simply a middle-man, directing visitors to relevant sites where they can purchase goods. We do not sell products ourself (yet). However, some tips:

  • If you have an order reference number then make sure you quote it in any communications with the company involved - it generally speeds things up.
  • Don't respond to the confirmation e-mail (unless it says you can), since these are usually produced automatically, and often will not have a real mailbox (or a real person) on the other end to read your reply. Instead, check the website for their Contact Details section - you'll probably want the number, or e-mail address of Customer Services.
  • As annoyed as you may be, try to be a little patient. Yes, they should have delivered your order on time, but there can sometimes be circumstances beyond their control … but do be persistent.
  • If you think you've been conned, and you can get no response from the company and your order has not arrived, then (if you paid by credit card) contact your credit card company and try and get a refund. It may take a while, but will be worth it. If you paid by check ("cheque" for UK residents) then contact your bank, and if the check has not already been cashed then cancel it.
  • As much as you may want to scream and shout down the telephone, or write obscenities in a complaint to said company, then at least wait until you've either received your order or got your money back … they, like you, are human, and respond best when not antagonized … And, when you have got the problem resolved, your best recourse is simply to tell other people not to shop there. Stores don't like that!
Even More Help!
Occasionally you may want some bigger and better help in dealing with retailers, and for that you need a consumer advocate organization of one kind or another. There are many, but searching Google for "consumer organizations" will pull up a number of relevant sites, and the following link to Google's directory page of Consumer Advocacy and Protection is also helpful. Residents of the UK will find the ConsumerComplaints website useful, and it allows you to contact your local Trading Standards Service: their site is located here: ConsumerComplaints.org.uk.

Please feel free to suggest other helpful consumer advocate sites. If we think they're useful then we can post them here for other visitors.

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